Next target for margin growth

By Tony Duggan - August, 17 2021

Corporates have pushed hard to implement supply chain efficiencies in order to increase margins.

These efficiencies have included optimizing logistics to effective utilization of empty return truck journeys, from packaging initiatives to reduced waste management initiatives, and from brand rationalization to reduction in marketing costs.

Many of these cross functional initiatives have been implemented in partnership with various stakeholders, including suppliers- by squeezing costs, negotiating discounts etc. - ultimately to increase margins. 

Many of these efficiency initiatives have now been fully implemented and corporates are looking at what they can do next to maintain or increase margins from other efficiency initiatives.

Crossflow has been working extensively with some of the UK’s largest corporates on the financial component of the supply chain, supporting rapid margin increases along with improving product availability through improved working capital for the corporate and their suppliers.

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Tony Duggan is co-founder and CEO of Crossflow. He served as Supply Chain Director at Wickes and B&Q prior to serving as Product Development Director at SWIFT, the global banking network. He also managed an outsourced fintech development project for HSBC in Hong Kong.

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