CrossflowFacts and Deliverables

Our key statistics

Crossflow is ranked 1st B2B fintech and ranked 8th of the FT 1000, The Financial Times' list of the 1,000 fastest
growing companies in Europe.
Crossflow targets corporate of more than $1bn turnover, demonstrating approx. $600m annual payables.

The corporate must be IG, at least B rated, which allows our Funding Providers to provide competitive funding for the supply chain finance. Corporate's suppliers benefit from that rated capital faster and at much more competitive costs than individually trying to arrange a credit line with their local bank. The large volume of transactions allows us to provide competitive cost of funding, across large numbers of suppliers to the corporate, which enables a fast, flexible and automated process of finance through a technology driven service.

Funding Capacity
And Average
Deal Size

Total Amount Funded


Funding Available


Average Deal Size



Of Suppliers

Finance their invoices within 48 Hours



In transaction volume between the corporate buyer and their suppliers


Satisfaction Rating

For suppliers

Supplier uptake
and ease-of-use

Working capital and corporate treasury optimisation

  • 15% additional working capital generated by standardising payment terms
  • 2% increase in base yield on treasury funds used to fund credit-rated corporate supply chains
  • 2% additional yield generated by Crossflow automation
  • 1% FX generating spread on each non-core FX transaction through provision of Crossflow FX

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Access finance immediately when you want it and improve your liquidity.
  • Get capital to comply with the ESG strategy that your customer demands
  • Onboard in minutes to our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.
  • Finance everything automatically with auto-pay and receive payments within 48hrs
  • No complex legal agreements and no personal guarantees against directors.
  • Reduce your dependency on loans and expensive factoring for working capital.

Our Working Capital Programme benefits

Working Capital and supply chain optimisation

Unlock supply chain liquidity and optimise your cash position. Improve commercial relationships and terms with suppliers and reduce costs. Strengthen your working capital position and supply chain resilience.

Reduced the cost of capital and speed of roll-out

Access our ecosystem of global funders to reduce the cost of capital. Shorten Time-To-Market: we can plan, roll out and manage your programme in weeks. Integrate Crossflow with your ERP system in a couple of days and onboard suppliers in minutes.

Operational efficiency, sustainability and data leverage

Streamline finance processes with automated payments and real-time visibility, increase efficiency, transparency and sustainability for your suppliers. Leverage data and automation with our user-friendly platform powered by technology.

Achieve your ESG goals enabling ESG initiatives

Enable expansion and investment in external (supplier) ESG initiatives without impacting your own working capital. Enable your suppliers to access working capital to meet your ESG improvement goals.

Selecting the right working capital finance programme will deliver your strategic business objectives


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