Corporate Initiatives Financing

We believe that modern Working Capital Financing should enable corporates easy access to flexible working capital to improve liquidity from multiple financial institutions offering competitive rates at a click. Our quick implementation process enables fast access to financing which helps corporates to become more attractive to their suppliers and achieve a strong negotiating position. 


How to achieve corporates' goals:

  • Access the flexible working capital marketplace to improve liquidity from multiple financial institutions offering competitive rates.
  • Benefit from AI driven financing helping corporates become more attractive to their suppliers and achieve a strong negotiating position when agreeing terms. 
  • Become one of the corporates offering competitive financing to their suppliers helping lower costs and improve margins.
  • Quick implementation process enables fast and easy access to ESG investment capital for suppliers to meet ESG strategy.

Activating AI driven financing

Fast implementation

Dedicated manager to support fast 7 day implementation

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Scaling programmes

Technology driven automated process enables corporates to scale the programmes across all suppliers

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Working capital marketplace

Access funding to immediately improve cash position and costs of your supply chain from large number of funding providers

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We believe in a complete enterprise solution for working capital programmes. We offer highly automated and secured programmes for supply chain finance, dynamic discounting and PO financing, driven by AI.

Flexible funding for cash flow and treasury optimisation

Select from third party-funded or self-funded early payment options to optimise your cash flow and treasury. Standardise global payment terms to enable more efficient working capital management. Build positive yields from excess treasury funds.


AI Driven Dynamic Discounting and auto-pay suppliers in global currencies

You can increase your early payment discounts, and your suppliers can get paid sooner. Our payments system enables you to auto-pay your global suppliers in standard  currencies. Your suppliers receive instant invoice payments with one click.


Funding cost optimisation and PO financing to enhance order fulfilment

Crossflow’s intelligent platform has an automated pricing engine to connect you with the right funders at the best price. Access funding from our global network of trusted financial institutions. We also offer purchase order (PO) financing to enhance order fulfilment.


Benefits for you and your suppliers

Crossflow can help you launch a programme immediately to support your supply chain and your revenue recovery.

  • Fast implementation in days
  • No impact on corporate balance sheet or accounting
  • Immediate injection of cash into your suppliers ensuring product availability to support your sales
  • Affordable flexible funding so your suppliers are in control

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