With Crossflow, you can

With Crossflow, you can release millions in working capital


Online supply chain finance powered by technology

Enterprise S1 icon 1 Access our global network of funder

Access our global network of funders and release millions in working capital

Enterprise S1 icon 2 Align your physical and financial supply chains

Align your physical and financial supply chains and harness the power of data


Improve your liquidity by standardising global payment terms

Enterprise S1 icon 4 Strengthen supplier relationships-p-500

Strengthen supplier relationships with instant invoice payments in global currencies

Enterprise S1 icon 5 Integrate in hours

Integrate in hours, onboard suppliers in minutes and automate processes

Crossflow is your complete enterprise solution for working capital programmes. We offer online supply chain finance, dynamic discounting and PO financing.

Enterprise S2 icon 1 Flexible funding

Flexible funding for cash flow and treasury optimisation

Select from third party-funded or self-funded early payment options to optimise your cash flow and treasury. Standardise global payments terms to enable more efficient working capital management. Build positive yields from excess treasury funds.

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Enterprise S2 icon 2 Dynamic discounting-p-500

Dynamic discounting and auto-pay suppliers in global currencies

You can increase your early payment discounts, and your suppliers can get paid sooner. Our payments system enables you to auto-pay your global suppliers in standard and non-standard currencies. Your suppliers receive instant invoice payments with one click.

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Enterprise S2 icon 3 Funding cost optimisation

Funding cost optimisation and PO financing to enhance order fulfilment

Crossflow’s intelligent platform has an automated pricing engine to connect you with the right funders at the best price. Access funding from our global network of trusted financial institutions. We also offer purchase order (PO) financing to enhance order fulfilment.

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What our customers say

“Crossflow enabled us to optimise working capital yields from excess treasury funds”


“Crossflow helped us align payment terms to industry best practice”



Crossflow’s case studies – helping leading corporates release millions in working capital

Learn how leading enterprises have worked with Crossflow to release millions in working capital and optimise their global treasury funds with online supply chain finance.

See the impact of Crossflow’s working capital and supply chain finance programmes in numbers.

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Discover the potential impact on your enterprise’s financials

We recognise that you face unique challenges, so we will work with you to tailor our solution to resolve your pain points. Our specialists will provide a free working capital analysis to understand your needs and provide a personalised solution with demonstrable impact.


Learn more about online supply chain finance

Want to learn more about supply chain finance and how you can release millions in working capital to invest in growing your business?

We’ve gathered global resources and insights so you can learn more about supply chain finance and find the right solution for your business.

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Access fast, flexible working capital to grow your business. Join a platform trusted by global enterprises and financial institutions and powered by technology.

Whilest Crossflow Money Account are not covered by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme, we do safeguard customer funds in a regulated bank account, which is separated from any company money and held in trust. This means that if Crossflow went into liquidation or bankruptcy, no third-party would have a claim over it and it would be returned to you.

Our specialists will provide a free working capital consultation.

Our vision is to transform the financial efficiency, transparency and sustainability of global supply chains.