27 August 2020

Team Crossflow recently engaged in a dialogue with a Supply Chain Director of a leading automotive business, and while they were discussing the impact caused in the supply chain patterns due to the pandemic, it emerged that one of the major disruptions happened due to a mismatch in balancing the consumer demands v/s maintaining the optimal inventory levels. While it is prudent to meet discontinuous consumer demands in these times, it is also critically important not to have any disruptions in supply chain patterns.

This led us to gather all the findings and the real problems flagged by the corporate into our article as part of an Informative Series- “Bullwhip Effects in Supply Chain”. Further it is just not the supply chain pattern, but financial disruption, lack of availability of the right financial solution, that can cause supply chain disruptions, leading to financial Bullwhip effects. We are proud to share the opinion of the Supply Chain Director of that leading automotive business that Crossflow is the one of the only solutions that can have this effect in the current Covid-impacted reality.

Crossflow came to the automotive corporate with an effective attack strategy to battle with this phenomenon.

Please read our article for more, and feel free to let us know your thoughts as well -Bullwhip Effects in Supply Chains- Its Impact on working capital through covid-19


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