With Crossflow, you can

With Crossflow, you can
onboard in minutes and get paid early




The Crossflow advantage: get your invoices paid early with our platform powered by technology

Supplier S1 icon 1 Access finance immediately

Access finance immediately when you want it and improve your liquidity.

Supplier S1 icon 2 Onboard in minutes

Onboard in minutes to our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. Align your physical and financial supply chains and harness the power of data

Supplier S1 icon 3 Finance everything automatically

Finance everything automatically with auto-pay and receive payments in global currencies.


No complex legal agreements and no personal guarantees against directors.

Supplier S1 icon 5 Reduce your dependency

Reduce your dependency on corporate buyers for working capital.

Crossflow is your complete supplier solution for supply chain finance

Supplier S2 icon 1 Get your invoices paid-p-500

Get your invoices paid early with auto-pay in global currencies

Our central payments system enables you to get paid in standard and non-standard local currencies. Onboard to our platform in minutes. With our auto-pay functionality, you can receive instant, automated invoice payments with a click.

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Supplier S2 icon 2 Working capital optimisation-p-500

Working capital optimisation to improve your cash flow

With Crossflow, you can get paid faster, increase your working capital and improve your cash flow. Our easy-to-use platform means you can automate processes and get access to payments and data quickly, securely and seamlessly.

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Supplier S2 icon 3 Enabling you to respond-p-500

Enabling you to respond to customer demand quickly so you can grow

With early, automated payments and enhanced working capital, you can respond to customer demand more quickly and grow sustainably. Crossflow is committed to the long-term growth and sustainability of the entire supply chain.

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What our suppliers say

“Crossflow enabled us to optimise working capital yields from excess treasury funds”


“Crossflow helped us align payment terms to industry best practice”



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Crossflow’s case studies – helping suppliers get paid early

Learn how suppliers working with Crossflow get paid early with auto-pay and can respond to customer demand quickly. See the impact of Crossflow’s supply chain finance programmes in numbers.

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Learn more about supply chain finance

Want to learn more about supply chain finance and how you can release millions in working capital to invest in growing your business?

We’ve gathered global resources and insights so you can learn more about supply chain finance and find the right solution for your business.

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