Crossflow joined discussion with Dr Michael Sinclair and Victoria Birch about new trends in supply chain finance.

Crossflow, the Working Capital Marketplace, is a new model of supply chain finance driven by technology and AI


23rd February 2023

In the latest Norton Rose Fulbright Special Edition Podcast, Victoria Birch and Dr Michael Sinclair, hosted Kevin Hayden, Commercial Director at Crossflow - The Working Capital Marketplace, to discuss new trends in supply chain finance, exploring why it’s relevant at this stage in the economic cycle.


Kevin shared Crossflow's expertise in the supply chain finance solutions, how it’s being automated with new technologies and how associated risks and benefits might evolve over the next 10 years.


Please listen to the 20 minute podcast here.


About Crossflow Payments

Crossflow Payments is a technology driven alternative finance platform delivering an innovative supply chain finance solution to large corporates and their suppliers. Its unique payment platform improves working capital for businesses whilst providing suppliers with access to finance without the need for onerous personal guarantees. Crossflow is backed by a range of sophisticated institutional investors providing significant firepower, enabling it to play a crucial role in helping businesses seize opportunities for growth. The business is an effective industry ambassador setting voluntary standards on a range of issues including cyber security, funds segregation, payment authentication and Crossflows InvoiceProtectTM minimising the risk of fraudulent transactions.

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