Sustainability in Supply Chains is the next key focus - Crossflow’s corporate engagement


4 November 2020


Crossflow has been in discussions with large global conglomerates. While implementing working capital and supply chain solutions for these large groups, one of the key findings was that companies were getting more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, climate, and society.

It was highlighted very clearly that ESG objectives are part of the whole corporate strategy and their success may impact the share price, investors’ plans and the growth of the business. Moreover, vendors and suppliers to the large corporates have to follow the corporate’s ESG strategy as well. And here it was clear that limited access to working capital for these suppliers and vendors can cause delay or failure in the sustainability strategy’s objectives, so the corporate must act quickly in partnership with their suppliers to enable their access to working capital so that the supply chain program can benefit the supplier and help the corporate to achieve its own goals.

Crossflow enables corporates to integrate their ESG Strategies in their Supply Chain practices in a very robust, easy and cost-effective way.


Please read our Blog Supply Chain Sustainability & ESG Impact to know more.


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