23 June 2022, London

Crossflow – The Working Capital Marketplace, has launched advanced machine learning capabilities to the service matching institutional funders to corporates and their suppliers.

This next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds enhanced sentiment and sector analysis capabilities to the Crossflow platform which provides 24/7 data and news service monitoring. The algorithm dynamically aligns cost of finance to risk and provides funders with additional confidence that Crossflow is taking a risk aligned approach when utilising funds. At a time where funder confidence is vital, this capability supports increased funding capacity, ensuring clients can access financing at best available rates through its working capital programme.

The use of AI is an integral part of the Crossflow platform, providing sophisticated automation to ensure speed and agility of funding for its clients. Since the platform launched in 2014, following a four-year R&D process, investment in innovation continues to keep Crossflow at the cutting edge of technology to deliver an efficient, resilient, and highly secure platform.

CEO, Tony Duggan, commented:

“Our platform is a best-in-class solution; however, technology doesn’t stand still and we continue to innovate in areas such as AI. This continued investment is vital to supporting our solid risk management framework and providing optimal value to our clients”.

About Crossflow Payments

Crossflow Payments is a technology driven alternative finance platform delivering an innovative supply chain finance solution to large corporates and their suppliers. Its unique payment platform improves working capital for businesses whilst providing suppliers with access to finance without the need for onerous personal guarantees. Crossflow is backed by a range of sophisticated institutional investors providing significant firepower, enabling it to play a crucial role in helping businesses seize opportunities for growth. The business is an effective industry ambassador setting voluntary standards on a range of issues including cyber security, funds segregation, payment authentication and Crossflows InvoiceProtectTM minimising the risk of fraudulent transactions.


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