3 December 2020

While talking to more and more business stakeholders and investors on the ESG practices, Crossflow obtained very strong feedbacks from the engagements about implementing ESG strategy into a supply chain model. Crossflow got very positive feedback from many UK corporates that our working capital program helps reaching their sustainable goals. It is very well communicated back from the corporates that in a long term this program will definitely create a huge impact on the brand value, share price, workforce sentiments and an overall create a positive stakeholder impact. One of the key areas that most corporates struggled was to get their suppliers encourage and adhere to the ESG practices.

We have also learned from the corporate partners that Investors are getting also very conscious of their funds being deployed for ESG initiatives, and it is widely anticipated that the number of funds being deployed in ESG will outnumber that of conventional lending in matter of time.

Crossflow & its ESG focused investors enables corporates to seamlessly work towards their ESG goals, encouraging the suppliers down the value chain to further comply with a corporates’ ESG Goals.

Please read our Blog ESG Investing - The "Next Big Wave" to know how we can provide a great ESG backed supply chain solution.


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