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Enables supplier friendly payment
term extensions
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Enables migration from LC’s to open A/C
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Enables you to become a preferred customer
by paying your suppliers in 48 hours
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Enables improvement in cash flow
through additional working capital
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Enables a new non-banking source of
working capital for buyers & suppliers

Supply Chain Finance

Maintenance of an effective supply chain is critical to most businesses. In recent times, the viability of many businesses has been reduced due to a decrease in availability and increase in cost of working capital. This is compounded by the additional requirement for a supplier to provide security, making such options unviable. By choosing to use Crossflow Payments a corporate buyer can help to ensure that its suppliers have access to cost effective working capital for the goods or services the buyer is sourcing from them.

Boost working capital

As a customer-proven solution, Crossflow Payments improves the cash flow of your supply chain, benefiting you and your suppliers. Our finance platform enables approved suppliers to take early settlement on their invoices. Crossflow Payments makes just-in-time finance™ a reality.

Quick and easy to use

Once you have upload approved invoices to the Crossflow platform, suppliers will be able to view the individual invoices, giving them complete flexibility over which invoices they select for early settlement. Any invoices not financed in this way are paid as normal when due.

Full reporting

The reporting functions on the Crossflow Payments platform will provide you with full details of payments loaded and sums due by maturity date helping you manage your payment strategies.

Supplier satisfaction

Not only will your suppliers benefit from more attractive rates of finance, they will also gain instant access to funds which means they can better support your growing business.

How do we differ?

Crossflow Payments supports the early settlement of approved invoices by providing access to alternative sources of finance which is different from other providers like Banks, invoice factoring and other peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Unlike many alternative working capital finance services, Crossflow Payments gives suppliers absolute flexibility as to when and how much finance is taken. There is no charge to join the service or any on-going charges, other than for finance taken.